Lucky Cat Wave


Timeframe: February 2019 (2 weeks)


Arduino (aREST)
Soldering iron

The challenge was to make a physically interactive system that responds to an input and produces an output over a WiFi connection with the microcontroller acting as either a client or a server.

Interaction Design

The light served as a signifier as I tested the servo motion in response to a user input (aka the wish). Because I put the ledOn and ledOff commands before and after the servo command, I could tell whether the servo was responding without waiting on it forever.

As for the physical cat, I used a combination of modeling clay (everything but the arm) and Play-Doh (just the arm). My guess was that the servo wouldn’t move because the clay arm was too heavy.

Cue the chicken wing

My initial prototype

disclosure-ify yourself


Disclosure-ify Yourself

A scribble face generator

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