Portrait of a Dish


Timeframe: March-May 2019


Adobe Illustrator

portrait of a dish

Portrait of a Dish is a series of food data visualizations.


When I prepare food, I have this habit of laying out every ingredient, in said quantities and prepared as specified, all out on the kitchen counter.

Performing this ritual is, in my opinion, a very sensual yet underrated part of food preparation. I created a visual language to mimic this sensation in 2D.

I isolated every ingredient, representing it by its color, quantity as part of the whole, and state before use.

The Portrait of a Dish challenges the way ingredients are currently simply (and undeservingly) listed in bullet points in recipes.

Legend for the ingredients' state before use
Fusilli, Red Wine-braised Octopus, and Bone Marrow by Chef Michael White
My Mom's Beef Sukiyaki

Milk Bar's B'day Cake
My Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Pomelo Salad by Bon Appetit

Ooma's Hanger Steak
Carne Asada Tacos from Los Tacos No.1 in Chelsea Market

Photos by Eric Dargan ↗